Hormel® bacon toppings are made from one hundred percent real bacon. To add a delicate, mild bacon flavour to salads, soups and other recipes choose our bacon toppings for real bacon, real fast, real easy.

Made with juicy beef, succulent red tomatoes, mouth-watering jalapeño peppers and zesty onions, this chili is a rich and hearty meal solution. Just one taste and you’ll fall in love with STAGG® Classic® chili.

The SPAM® family of products is all around us. In sandwiches, salads, mac and cheese. With eggs, cheese or pineapple. The combinations are endless.

No party is complete without the delicious snacks and fun flavors in Hormel® party trays.

Pepperoni, a native Italian food, has been a long time American favorite and a well-known Hormel Foods specialty. Today, Hormel® Pepperoni is No. 1 selling brand of pepperoni in the United States, thanks to its great flavor and high quality.

Manny’s are authentic Mexican tortilla’s made from the finest and freshest ingredients. Next time you have a craving for great Mexican food, reach for Manny’s Mexican style quality tortillas available in 5 different varieties.